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    Here is a growing list of locations where you can purchase Datil Sensation. Order Online
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    We thank all of our distributors for their confidence in the delicious taste of DatilSensation Hot Sauces.

    Gourmet Datil Sauce is the specialty that makes the difference. Accent the natural qualities of meats with the unique Datil Pepper taste. Some say 300,000 Scoville Heat Units!


    Subject: DatilSensation Distributors

    See the 2006 Festival Schedule here.

    Shirleys Home Cooking
    3266 Hwy 321
    Hampton, TN 37658
    Open: Fri,Sat,Sunday

    Mike's Hot Dog Hut
    1025 East Sullivan Street
    Kingsport TN

    Hot Dog Hut Colonial Heights
    4028 Fort Henry Drive
    Kingsport TN
    Behind Pizza Hut

    Big Eagles Market & Deli
    337 East Stone Drive
    Kingsport TN

    Datil Pepper Sauces on Ebay Datil Sensation Datil Pepper Sauces on PayPal Datil Sensation
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    How To Order Through the Postal Service

    An ORDER BOX is any combination of:
    Six 8 ounce bottles
    Shipping Costs: &12.50
    New better rate! >>> $9.50 per order (Up to Six 8 oz. bottles)
    Handling and shipping included in this price.

    Email Your PHONE number and we'll call you back.
    Or Phone: 423-292-2472

    NEW 2008 SPECIAL! : Order any Five 8 ounce bottles and get the Sixth FREE!
    Add ANOTHER BOX of 6 bottles to your order and we'll pay the postage! That's TWO BOXES for the price of one shipping.

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    Send Check/Money Order to:
    Datil Sensation
    226 Rollin Hills Private Drive
    Blountville, TN 37617

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