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    Here is a few tips for growing Datil Peppers.
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    Tips for growing datil peppers from seed

    First, lets assume the seeds you have are good. In the Tennessee area I would wait until January before trying to plant them. Use some type of heated planter, the soil needs to remain approx. 70 degrees at all times so the seeds will germinate, you can purchase these at most nurseries. Just follow instructions provided with planter, once seeds have popped up around 3 weeks or more.

    I simply plant my seeds together so they are all together when they pop, you can seperate them later. Once they are up place them in a window so they can get plenty of light. Keep them moist and look for afids or meily bugs, they will attack your young plants even when kept indoors.

    Let your datil plants stay together until they have 3 or more leafs on the plants, some will mature better than others, so transplant those with the 3 or more first. Transplant them into 4" pots to start with, as they get larger re-pot accordingly.

    Rabbit manure is the best fertilizer for datils,

    Once they are 8-10 inches tall you can pinch the top off this will make them produce more growth, and where ever you prune they will produce more growth, Try this on a few plants only until you get the hang of it. In the Tennessee area make sure all threats of frost is over.

    Around May 15, then plant into outside soil, approx 9 weeks later you'll see Datils. Brace plants so wind will not damage limbs. Add slow release granular fertlizer to soil. Datil plant leaves will become wrinkly. This is a common thing with them.

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