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    Sauces can be found at various restaurants.
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    We thank all of you we have and are meeting. Your many kind comments are very encouraging.

    Because you kept asking ... We now have our NEW EXTRA HOT! ready. DATIL TEARS ~ HOTTER! ~ and DATIL MANIA ~ which is EVEN HOTTER!!!

    With another Presidential Election year comes interesting pepper news and tidbits. The New York Daily reports that "If there's one style that pleased both White Houses, it's Southwestern. ... And both First Ladies liked hot sauce: Clinton has a collection, while Bush is partial to ... Habanero pepper sauce." And yes, an avid collector of hot sauces is Hillary Clinton.
    Bellamy Brothers
    Santa Fe Chile tastes mighty good with Datil Tears added. Here's the recipe:
    1 dried pinto beans - 1 ground sirloin steak - 1 chopped onion - 1 chopped garlic - 1 fresh green chilies - 1 salt to taste.
    Cook beans in water in slow cooker until tender. Brown ground steak with onion and garlic in skillet, stirring until ground beef is crumbly; drain. Process chilies in blender until stringy. Add ground steak mixture and chilies to beans; mix well. Season with your favoites.
    Put it in a bowl and pour in some Tears. Datilicious!
    From the recipe files of Carole Walberg

    You realize, A Datil a day keeps the Doctor Away.
    (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)
    However, and after all, the reason we love Datil Sensation
    is because of the taste!


    Subject: From The Desk of DatilSensation

    Now Available:

    DATIL TEARS : Hotter!!!

    DATIL MANIA : Even Hotter!!!!

    Could it possibly get hotter?!

    Oh yes, it can. But we'll wait awhile on that.

    Thank you Everyone for your kind comments and emails.

    We'll see you at the next festival!

    The Datil Men

    Datil Sensation
    Ahh, Homemade.
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